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CASE 1. Dental implants Poland, Porcelain crowns Poland, sinus lift, bone augmentation, root canal treatments Poland

John, aged 59, from Birmingham

John found DentistInKrakow Poland after two months of careful research on the internet.

“DentistInKrakow changed my life and has even led to success on the dating scene!”.

John (aged 59) had a big dental problem caused by serious gum disease, which is the most common cause of teeth loss in adults in the UK. His dentist told him that it might be a hereditary problem and that he wasn’t able to offer much help. John had been forced to wear a denture when he lost four of his front teeth. John felt ashamed of his teeth and the denture, and often covered his mouth when he smiled and spoke. With each day, he was losing his self-confidence.


The best dentist in poland Krakow


The best dentist in poland Krakow

John is a widower and he had dreams of meeting a new woman with whom he could settle down and make a new life together. He knows that first impressions count when meeting new people and that a beautiful smile is something the ladies look for when meeting a new man.

Dentures were not the solution for John, and he knew it. He wanted to have dental implants Krakow, Poland fitted. John needed 4 dental implants Krakow and 7 porcelain crowns Krakow and prices in the UK were simply beyond his means. He had also had bad experiences with UK dentists and decided to find something new. He spent two months searching for solutions on the internet until he found DentistInKrakow Poland and wrote an e-mail. He received a quick response and a detailed dental treatment plan which was easy to understand, transparent and with no hidden costs.

John made three trips to Krakow dental treatment. He had a total of 4 OSSTEM System – Titanium dental implants Krakow, Poland fitted with sinus lift and additional bone augmentation where it had deteriorated and 7 porcelain crowns Poland, plus 2 root canal treatments Poland.

During his first dental trip to Krakow John received 4 OSSTEM dental implants Krakow, Poland and 4 long lasting temporary porcelain crowns Krakow. It was only the first step of his dental treatment Poland but for John the life became much easier and more comfortable. His 4 dental implants Krakow looked just like natural teeth.

After 6 months John returned to dental treatment Krakow for the next step of his dental treatment Poland– healing rings, and only two weeks later he received permanent full-porcelain crowns Krakow.

In total, he paid only £4 161, when he would have been forced to cough up £10 400 in the UK. His savings were ONLY 60% because he chose most solid and very high standard prosthetic materials Porcelain, Titanium Osstem – had he opted for other materials, he could have saved up to 80%.

CASE 2. Porcelain crowns Poland, porcelain fused to metal crowns, root canal treatments Poland, composite fillings Poland

Thomas, aged 45, a history teacher from London

Thomas found DentistInKrakow Poland on the internet.

“Now I am an attractive man for my wife and my little princess Julie. My confidence has soared!”

Thomas was a heavy smoker and his teeth were damaged from years of cigarette use. After he became the father of little Julie he decided to quit smoking and to heal his teeth.

Thomas had old, uncomfortable dentures and needed porcelain crowns Krakow to make his teeth healthy and attractive.

Thomas knew that many Brits go abroad for dental treatment and started to research Polish dentists Krakow on the internet. What’s more, he’d always dreamed of visiting Krakow. He had heard that Polish dentists Krakow were professional and that the dental treatment Poland prices were very reasonable.

From among many proposals, Thomas chose DentistInKrakow Poland and contacted DentistInKrakow UK office in London:

Thomas had a total of 7 root canal treatments Poland, 3 composite fillings Poland and 6 porcelain crowns Poland fitted – the total duration of his dental treatment Krakow was a mere 5 days.

Thomas chose to have all the dental treatment Poland done in one go, spread out over one week. This also gave him ample opportunity to explore Krakow; Thomas is a history teacher and he was thrilled to be able to visit so many historically fascinating places.

Thomas totally paid £1190 instead of the £3200 he would have had to pay in the UK.

He saved over £ 2010

Thomas before his dental treatment Poland:

Implants Poland Krakow

And after his dental treatment Krakow:

Implants Krakow



CASE 3. Composite fillings Krakow, porcelain veneers Poland and teeth whitening Krakow

Helen, aged 38, estate agent from London

Helen heard about DentistInKrakow from her friend. Before her treatment she had this to say:

“I work with many people and I have to look perfect. It is so much easier to sell something when you are self-confident with a beautiful smile on your face. I have got diastema and my teeth are yellow and crooked. I don’t like them one bit. I would like to change them in order to feel younger and more confident.”


Implants in Polish clinic Krakow


Implants in Polish clinic Krakow

Helen, an estate agent from London, had always looked after her teeth and made sure that she went to her dentist regularly for check-ups.

She had diastema, which was her main dental problem.

Her teeth needed 2 composite fillings Poland, 6 porcelain veneers Poland, dental cleaning Krakow treatments (scaling, polishing and sandblasting) and BEYOND Polus Teeth whitening. Helen made two trips to Krakow. The first took her 2 days and the dentist took a dental impression for veneers and wax up. Then she returned to dental treatment Krakow for 5 more days and she received her final veneers and a completely new and white smile.

Helen paid £1 712 in total, instead of the £4 200 she would have paid in the UK.

She saved over £2 488

She said: “I cannot recognise myself in the mirror. I see a prettier, happier and younger woman who certainly wasn’t there before. Now I really feel younger than I actually am”.

Helen before her dental treatment Krakow:

And after her dental treatment Poland:

CASE 4. BEYOND Polus teeth whitening Krakow, Poland

Kate, aged 29, actress from Chicago USA

Kate is an actress and she wants to look perfect. Her teeth were healthy but not white.


Implatns clinic in Krakow Poland


Implatns clinic in Krakow Poland

Her American doctor advised her to visit a Polish dentist during her tour through Poland.

“I am an actress and my smile has to be charming and gleaming white. I am watched by many people when on stage. I want to have healthy and white teeth”.

Before BEYOND Polus Teeth whitening, Kate’s teeth needed dental cleaning treatment Poland (scaling, polishing and sandblasting). During whitening session Krakow she received lots of useful and practical advice from her hygienist on how to correctly care for her teeth.

The BEYOND Polus Teeth whitening Krakow session took her only 2 hours

Kate paid a total of 392 USD. In the US, the same treatments would have cost her 1130 USD . She therefore saved over 736 USD only in whitening session .

She said: I was delighted with the results. I have such brilliant white, smooth teeth”