Patient CARE Program includes v10 FREE SERVICES to feel SAFE & SECURE during your STAY & TREATMENT in Krakow.

FREE ACCESS to TOP 10 CERTIFIED endodontists, dental surgeons and prosthetists in Krakow

FREE ACCESS to certified treatments 60% LESS, adjusted regardless of your budget and expectations

FREE KRAKOW BALICE airport transfer

FREE Consultation with dental surgeon preceded by CT photo from 50 GBP

FREE Diagnosis with FREE treatment plan – easy to understand

FREE Dental check-up with accurate inspection of your jaw

FREE Apartment booking, close to the dental practice and KRAKOW Old Town

FREE Personal Assistance 24/7 before & after implant procedure

FREE Local anesthesia, painkillers and antibiotics – absolutely painless procedure

FREE Smiling Personal Assistant fluent in English and French


You only have to buy a flight ticket

And tell us when you’ll arrive: