3 DAYS implant – ONLY 790 GBP

It is a 3 day stay offer in the best Krakow’s dental implantology center DENTAL CARE&IMPLANT CENTER for implantation of 1 implant.

It includes

  • 3D CBCT photo of a jaw, taken in specialized lab
  • Implantation of the premium dental implant, under the WAND computer anesthesia (it has a lifetime warranty)
  • 3 consultations with dental implantologist and dental surgeon during the implantation procedure (includes mouth inspection)
  • Final dental treatment plan made by dentist with 10 years of experience in implantology
  • 2 nights in the hotel located within Krakow’s old town, 5 minutes’ walk from the dental center


In case of the need of more than 1 implant, please contact us directly at contact@dentistinkrakow.co.uk for dedicated treatment plan.

Need to know:

  • Based on 3D photo, the implantologist may decide for additional bone supplementation with sinus lift or bone augmentation within implantation
  • Our Dental Center offers a wide range of dental treatments (endodontic, periodontic or prosthetic treatments) which you can take before or after implantation

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